Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bacon and an MFA Residency

Well, my dear blog followers, my graduating residency happened within a splatter of bacon grease. It was a literary feast. Poets and prose writers visited and read from their works. The graduating class presented strong lectures on topics such as gender, race, spirituality, and the very essence of writing. Each student's creative thesis reading brought the audience closer...

Beyond the literary feast, there was the actual food at the residency. Every morning fresh fruit and a varied warm option such as freshly baked biscuits were eagerly welcomed by my growling stomach. Dessert did not disappoint either. I enjoyed the delicious strawberry rhubarb and sweet pecan pie. Also, my favorite sandwich from the residency was a toasted grilled cheese with crispy bacon and a fresh slice of tomato. Yes, it tasted as good as it sounds.

So what now? What happens after the residency?

Today...within an hour I heard "Sweet Home Alabama" on my car's radio twice. This led my memory to the last night of my graduating residency at Converse College for the low-residency MFA in Creative Writing Program. I remember being in a circle with fellow students and faculty dancing to this song: "Sweet Home Alabama" It brought us, southern, northern, western, midwestern born Americans together. Throughout the program we shared writing. Sometimes, we shared dance. The last night we shared "Sweet Home Alabama."


All I know is that I am fond of my American writers. My late night fountain dipping, wine sipping, and honest writing friends.

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  1. I keep hearing "Last Dance with Mary Jane." It was also a crowd pleaser that night. I miss you, my friend!